elizabeth rubie

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"Before I met Liz I was suffering with multiple weekly gallbladder attacks after extreme weight loss. I had been in emergency with debilitating pain and was being encouraged to have my gallbladder removed. Doctors told me the problem couldn't be cured and would only worsen over time. Determined to fix the problem holistically, I started working with Liz in Summer 2015 who created an entire nutrition and supplement protocol specific to my needs. Within months of working together and putting her protocol into action, the debilitating attacks stopped and I have been attack free since Nov 2015. When I returned to the Surgeons office after requesting time to see if I could figure it out holistically, the Doctor was amazed that I hadn't had any attacks in over a year and asked what I had done. I was so happy to say, "I worked with Liz Rubie!" Liz provides clients with the knowledge of a seasoned medical professional and the warmth and compassion of a Healing Touch Practitioner. I am so grateful to have found her exactly when I needed her. Liz gave me the tools to heal my gallbladder and experience recovery and relief! I believe in Liz's knowledge and abilities so deeply that I have recommended her to my own family and clients, because she helps her clients to experience real results." 

         -- Larissa Dzamba, Founder of OM Toronto

"I am 36 years old and had experienced digestive problems and acid reflux every time I ate for the last 34 years; since I was in diapers! As a child my mother searched for an answer because I had difficulty keeping food down. As I grew older, the problem persisted and it was my turn to find a solution. I had worked with and searched for an array of medical professionals to resolve this problem that had plagued me and for decades was unable to find an answer, all the while my gut and esophagus were in a state of chaos any time I ate. Liz was the answer I was looking for. After my first session with Liz I started to experience relief and after 3 sessions with her, I had a supplement plan that I was able to implement. I no longer suffer with digestive problems and for the first time after working with Liz, I was able to eat a meal without being in pain and extreme discomfort. Liz has allowed me to enjoy food and eating again and I was shocked that after only one session with her and following her supplement suggestions, I was already feeling better. Thank you Liz! You have literally changed my life. "  

-- Kimberly K., Graduate Student in the Department of Psychology at MSU